Life as a chorister in Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum is a busy and fulfilling one. Since the closure of The Abbey School in Tewkesbury in 2006, the eighteen choristers have been educated at Dean Close Preparatory School in Cheltenham.

As full members of the choir they rehearse five mornings each week before school, singing up to four services each week in the Abbey in school term time. In addition, they perform in regular concerts, as well as taking part in broadcasts, making recordings and going on tour.

Choristers at Dean Close Preparatory School receive individual singing lessons with a specialist singing teacher. The boys and girls are encouraged to study at least one instrument, and music theory lessons are a part of the chorister curriculum. As well as singing in English, the choristers also learn to perform music in Latin, and also frequently in French and German.

The boys and girls in Schola Cantorum are fully integrated members of the school community and the musical education they receive lasts a lifetime. Unusually, there are very few commitments outside of term time for our choristers.

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