Alastair's day at St Paul's

Fifteen choristers from St Paul's Cathedral and 1 chorister from each of the country's choir schools came together for a massive rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon in a small church near St Paul's. We had all learnt the music individually during the Easter holiday and it was really exciting to have everyone singing together for the first time.

On Wednesday morning we had some free time, so Mum & I went to the Museum of London which was nearby and saw some fascinating displays about London. After a sandwich lunch, which I could hardly eat because I was nervous, we all went into the Cathedral for the first time: it was awesome! Massive, incredible, fabulous and the ceilings were so colourful! The sound of the rehearsal with the organ and all the tenors and basses was electrifying.

There must have been over 2000 people at the concert. It was an incredible experience, singing with some of the top choristers in the country; I'll never forget it.

There was a huge thunder storm going on outside; we didn't hear the thunder but lightening lit the windows brightly and the rain was like stair-rods when we came out. I had to wear my Dad's jacket and a clear plastic clothes bag over my uniform to keep dry on the walk back to the hotel!

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