Choristers sing at St Paul's Cathedral

After a 3 hour bus journey we finally arrived at St Paul's.  As we were early, we had the opportunity to visit the Wobbly Bridge (Millenium Bridge) which Kieren Hutt instatnly recognised from Harry Potter.  On arrival at ST Paul's we visited the crypt, before rehearsing in the Cathedral and taking in this astounding work of architecture.  Some of us were also lucky enough to be given a demonstration of the Cathedral's organ.  After an hour's rehearsal, we ascended an enormous staircase, leading to the famous Whispering Gallery.  Amazingly, a whisper from one end of the Gallery reverberated around the walls, being heard at the other end, far away.  After this we donned our cassocks for the service, in which we were one of three participating choirs.  We sung one piece on our own (Greig's Ave maris stella) and several joint pieces - one of which included the strange words "For I am possessed of a cat" - and then it was time to go home.  On the bus journey back we amused ourselves by playing a variation of "yellow car" involving the numerous London cafes.  We all had a lovely day but were glad to see our beds when we got home!  By the choristers.

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