'I want to be a chorister'

The day began with a fun warm-up session with Mrs Rachel Gay. Soon the boys were happily singing rounds together and making a very encouraging sound. After a short play on the table football in one of the Day Houses, it was off to the Song School for a rehearsal with Mr Bell. Here the boys quickly picked up the tune to Howard Goodall’s Psalm 23 and some were even feeling confident enough to try a solo. Tea with the choristers was next, followed by a short coach ride to Tewkesbury Abbey. While the choristers went to robe, the young visitors had their first glimpse of the Abbey and were keen to know where they would sit and whether they too could wear cassocks. As the full rehearsal began their eyes turned in amazement to the wonderful sound coming from the back row and then to Rowan Ireland, one of the Y8 choristers, singing the Magnificat from Stanford in G. The boys sang really well, concentrating hard, following Mr Bell and not being distracted by their family and friends who filled the stalls. The service of Evening Prayer concluded with a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria by Mervyn Cousins. After the service everyone was keen to find their parents and ‘I want to be a chorister’ was a phrase heard over and over again. A great day and another generation beginning to find their love of choral music.

Tewkesbury Abbey

The Schola Cantorum sing the weekday choral services at the Abbey.

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